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Monday, June 26, 2017

Cindy's Update: Amy and Liz

Larry and I are each aware that we have been absent lately.  It's been a busy time for us.  And we don't see much let up in sight for the next couple of weeks.  We recently talked about what we should share at this time.  I have agreed to post a much overdue update about Amy and Liz, which is the subject of this post.

After the second visit to our home by Liz and Amy, I met with each of them individually to talk about what had happened during both visits and my feelings about the situation.  Amy and I were on the same page about everything and she was very interested in learning more about FLRs as well as how Larry and I keep our sensual life alive.  Consequently, I have invited her into our home several times for candid conversations and demonstrations.  Larry and I have also gotten together with Amy and Mark on a couple of occasions, but they have been purely social.   Amy and I have talked about involving Mark along with Larry, but neither one of us feels that it would be good to do so right now. I have informed Larry that he needs to post about our meetings with just Amy and to share his reactions to what has taken place..

My individual meeting with Liz was a different matter.  It quickly became apparent that she was not going to take any responsibility for the way she and Amy set Larry up.  That really disturbed me.  I know that Larry behaved badly (and he openly admitted that, and graciously accepted his punishment from the three of us).  However, I expected Liz to acknowledge that she was purposely trying to set him up.  That was not happening.

Given where Liz was at that time, it also became apparent to me that our long time friendship was going to be threatened unless we resolved this matter.  It was clear to me that Larry did not want any part of being around her, and I can't blame him.  After two visits and discussions with Liz, I decided to take more drastic action.  I invited her to come to our home for dinner.  I let Larry know that I had plans to resolve our current situation with Liz, but I didn't tell him any specifics.

As we worked our way through dinner, it was still clear that Liz was accepting no responsibility and that the relationship between Larry and her was very tense.  That convinced me that I needed to find a way to get Liz's attention and to level the playing field between Larry and her.  So, I made the final decision to put my plan into action.

As we finished dinner, I forced myself to be very candid and bold with Liz.  While Larry was cleaning up the kitchen, I told her how I felt and let her know that the current situation needed to be resolved.  I then shared with her that Larry had accepted a very deserved spanking for his actions, and that I felt that she also deserved to be punished for her actions.  In the end, I summarized it by telling her that unless she was willing to apologize to Larry and to receive a spanking from the two of us for her role, our friendship was going to end.

Much to my surprise, Liz agreed.   I'm still not sure what caused her to agree, unless it was the fact that deep down, she knew she was wrong to do what she did, and that she values our long term friendship as much as I do.  Whatever the cause, I was grateful.

When Larry returned to the living room I asked Liz if there was something she wanted to share with Larry.  It took her a moment, but she eventually told him that she was sorry for how she orchestrated the trap that she and Amy had set for him.  I then shared with Larry that Liz had also agreed to accept a spanking from the two of us as a form of retribution.  Larry looked at me with total surprise, which then turned to a slight smile.

Liz had arrived at our home wearing thin, skin tight yoga pants with a pullover that came down to the middle of her bottom.  I was initially upset with her for wearing something so provocative.  However, I was now glad for it.  Since I planned to have Larry administer a significant part of the spanking, I wanted to to be meaningful, but I didn't want to expose her bare or pantied bottom to him.  I was well aware that Liz usually wore thongs (which is what she was obviously wearing under the yoga pants), so raising her skirt or lowering her slacks would have likely meant exposing her entire bottom.  The yoga pants worked out perfect!

I asked Larry to go to our bedroom and bring our basket of spanking implements.  While he did that, I brought a dining room chair into the living room and sat on it.  After Larry returned, I sat on the chair and directed Liz to come and lie over my lap.  I then proceeded to spank her with my hand.    I've gotten pretty good at using my hand on Larry.  We each love the intimacy of a hand spanking, especially when his bottom his bare.  However, I was not about to expose Liz's in front of Larry.  I also wanted to let Larry spank her with an implement and give her the harder portion of the spanking.  By forcing her to accept the spanking, I had gained the upper hand over Liz.  I wanted Larry to also gain that advantage, and I figured that a hard spanking would do the trick.

After several minutes of a hard hand spanking, Liz was beginning to seriously squirm.  I told her to get up.  While she rubber her bottom, I told Larry to pick out an implement to spank her with.  Much to my surprise, he quickly picked out a relatively thin wooden paddle-ball shaped paddle.  It is one that Larry and I both know provides lots and lots of sting, but does not bruise or produce deep penetrating pain.  It was an excellent choice and I was pleased that he didn't go for anything heavy.  I wanted him to be able to provide her with a prolonged spanking that she would remember, but not feel brutalized.

Larry then took my place on the chair and I directed Liz to lie across his lap.  She was quite reluctant and took her time getting into place.  Larry took his time getting her into a comfortable position before lifting her top above her bottom.  He then took the paddle and began to gently apply it methodically to her entire bottom.  "You can spank her harder than that Larry", I commented.  He then began to increase the intensity, but continued with a slow methodical pace.  It was obvious that he had learned a lot about spanking while over my lap the past months.  He was very effectively providing her with a methodical spanking that was building up heat in her bottom, but was not doing any serious damage to her.  After several minutes of this, Liz was squirming and loudly asking him to stop.  Larry turned his eyes to me for guidance.  I directed him to keep going.  A short time later I directed him to give her forty more very hard spanks with the paddle.   He smiled back at me, as if to say "It will be a pleasure".  He then began to slowly administer the hard spanks, allowing Liz time to feel the sting of each one before giving her the next one.  After about twenty, Liz begged him to just get it over with.  "Do you want the remainder to be delivered in quick succession?", he asked her.  "Yes, just please get it over with".

Larry again then looked to me for guidance.  I nodded my head to indicate that she should go ahead.  He then asked Liz if she was sure that is how she wanted to receive the last twenty-two spanks.  "Yes", she exclaimed.  Larry then proceeded to deliver the final twenty-two hard spanks with the paddle in rapid succession.  Before he finished, Liz went limp over his lap and began to quietly cry.  When I told her she could get up, she didn't do so immediately.  However, when she finally did, she looked at Larry and said "I'm so sorry".  It was at that time that I realized the front of her yoga pants were wet, as was Larry's right thigh.

I immediately took Liz to our extra bathroom and told her I would bring her some panties and slacks.  By the time I got to our bedroom to get clothing for her, Larry was there changing his slacks.  He expressed his sorrow for what had happened and didn't know quite how to handle it.  I assured him that it was not his fault.  He had merely given Liz what she requested for the ending of her spanking.  I then took panties and slacks to Liz.

We all eventually gathered in the living room, but it was clear that Liz just wanted to leave.  She quickly did and Larry and I spent the rest of the evening discussing what had happened and how to proceed with Liz.

We will share more as time permits and Larry will also share more about our relationship with Amy.


Sunday, June 4, 2017

Cindy Shares - The Importance of Kink in our Marriage

It's been a while since I have shared anything.  After reviewing Larry's
recent posts, it dawned on me that he has focused primarily on our spanking activities and has not shared much about the kink we each enjoy.  I feel that kink is an important part of our relationship, which has been a complete surprise to me, but I can't deny it.  The photo that Larry suggested I include is much more graphic than what I would choose and I really don't like the word "filthy".  I would like to change it to "kinky".  However, the message of the photo conveys how I feel about how we are approaching our FLR relationship.  Larry introduced me to spanking and kink.  And, I have found that I love both of them.  I love spanking Larry in a way that excites and challenges him.  I also love the fact that we can each share our fantasies and desires with each other, and decide together if and how to explore them.  When Larry asked me to spank him before we got engaged, he unleashed something in me that I didn't know existed.

I have also realized that Larry has not shared much about our continuing relationship with Liz and Amy.  Some of you have asked, so I think we need to do better in that area.  A lot has happened that Larry has not shared.

I'm sorry this is brief, but we have each been extremely busy with life's demands lately.  That is a good thing, but it doesn't allow enough time for the fun stuff in life.


Sunday, May 28, 2017

Another New Implement

Cindy has continued her introduction of new spanking implements for my weekly maintenance spankings.  This is what greeted me hanging on my closet door each morning last week.  I had never seen it before.  Cindy shared with me that she found it at a flea market a few weeks ago and couldn't resist getting it.  I found it quite frightening and definitely was not looking forward to Saturday night.

When the time came for my maintenance spanking, Cindy initially let me keep my panties on and directed me to bend over arm of our sofa.  She then went to work experimenting with her new toy.  She knew it could do some serious damage, so she really took it quite easy with respect to how hard she swung.  However, like the previous week, she decided that she would make up for it by prolonging the spanking.  And, yes, the panties did eventually came down.  The carpet beater has a very different feel than other implements I've experienced. I is not very smooth, so it 'roughs up' the skin, especially when applied to a bare bottom.  It is also large enough to essentially cover my entire bottom, so that creates a very different and intense feeling.  Used lightly, it is a very interesting new implement.  However, if used heavily, it could be really nasty.

After using it long enough to give me a nicely red and sore rear end, Cindy decided that I should at least experience the more serious aspect of the implement.  She announced that she would administer four hard smacks with it, and I would then be done.  She took her time with those last four, and I happy to be done.


Sunday, May 21, 2017

A Different Type of Spanking

Since we made plans to go to an Irish pub that has live music with Amy and Mark on Saturday night, Cindy decided to administer my weekly maintenance spanking on Friday night.  In a way, I was very pleased because I was getting more anxious as the week progressed.

It turned out to involve more than spanking.  And the spanking I received was very different than anything Cindy has administered until now.

After dinner, Cindy directed me to go to our bedroom and prepare myself and to wait for her in just my panties.  When she arrived, after gathering together a variety of toys and implements, the first thing she did was remove my panties and cage.   She then used one of her scarves to blindfold me.  I soon felt her working with my package as she applied what I realized was black leather cock and ball harness that had been hanging on my closet door.  When she was finished, she commented that it would probably help keep me hard during the evening and would make it more difficult for me to accidentally climax.  She then began to tease my cock and balls with her finger tips and told me that I was not allowed to cum under any circumstance.  I was told that if I felt I was getting anywhere close to having an orgasm I was to beg her not to make me cum.  That would be her sign to back off.

I then found myself being turned over her lap with my penis being clamped between her thighs.  She was wearing pantyhose, so it felt really nice until she began to squeeze her legs together.  After having my legs spread I felt her begin to insert something in my anus.  It was a large piece of ginger root that she had peeled and carved into the shape of a butt plug.  The only thing she was using as lubricant was water, so it took her some time to get it inserted.  As she did, I could feel a gentle burning sensation beginning to build in my rectum.  It wasn't that painful, but it certainly had my attention.  I actually found it arousing.

 She then began to spank me with her hand.  It felt very nice.  She also loosened up how hard she was clamping her thighs together, which also felt more arousing.  After a couple of minutes, she paused.  When she resumed, the spanking felt much harder.  She had started to use the leather spanking buddy from Cane-iac.  It stung a bit more and also felt heavier than her hand.  After about a minute, I felt water being sprayed on my bottom.  When she continued the spanking, the sting was greater, but still quite pleasant.  I could sense that she wasn't spanking as hard as she could, but she wasn't trying to go easy either.  She continued to spank all over my bottom and upper thighs with the buddy for what seemed like ages.  It still felt good, but I could also feel my bottom getting warmer.

When she finally stopped, I felt something very different on my bottom.  It turned out to be a plastic brush that is designed to brush a dog's coat.  It felt pretty rough and scratchy on my bottom.  At first she kind of teased me with it.  However, she eventually began to rub much harder and it felt very abrasive.  She commented how it was probably going to make my bottom much more tender for the remainder of the spanking.  She also let me know my spanking was going to be much longer tonight, so I should relax and not expect it to end anytime soon.  She added that she was planning to spank me in stages tonight.  After being told to get up from her lap, Cindy then used the red plastic brush to tease my penis and balls before she directed me to stand in the corner before we proceed to the next phase of my spanking.

After about a five minute respite, Cindy produced the control top panty hose that had been hanging on my closet door.  She directed me to put them on, which I did.  As I did so, I discovered that she had cut out the football shaped crotch panel and I was directed to make sure my package was put through it and exposed.

I was then taken back of Cindy's lap and she used the water bottle to
spray my panty hose covered bottom until it was quite wet.  She then told me that she was going to set a timer for ten minutes.  I was then spanked over my entire bottom and upper thighs with a leather soled sandal that had been hanging on my closet door until the timer rang. She spanked quite hard at a brisk and consistent pace, working the sandal around all areas of my bottom.  Like the earlier spanking, it stung, but the pain was not overly intense.  When the timer rang, Cindy took time to inspect her work while she teased my somewhat erect cock and she seemed pleased with how red things were looking.

After another respite in the corner, I returned over her knee, had my bottom sprayed with water again, and informed that the timer would be set for ten minutes again.  I was also informed that during these ten minutes the spanking would be solely on my right cheek.  When she started, I realized it wasn't with a sandal.  She was using a paddle ball shaped paddle that essentially covered the right cheek of my bottom.  She didn't spank at full force, but the pace was brisk and constant.  The pain level was tolerable, but when the ten minutes were up, I didn't have much of an erection until Cindy teased it back to life.

After another five minutes of respite in the corner, I returned over Cindy's lap for a repeat of the above process for my left cheek.

That was followed by corner time before I again returned to have my panty hose clad bottom again sprayed with water before having a small wooden paddle used for ten minutes solely on the lower slopes of my bottom.  Cindy again kept the intensity moderate, but the constant, rhythmic, spanking in the same area took its toll over ten minutes.  Like before, the pain level was OK, but I was beginning to realize that  my bottom was getting very sore.  I also realized that I was soft by the end.

After a final period of corner time, Cindy summoned me back over her lap with my legs spread to expose everything I have.  However, this time I was positioned in the opposite direction across her lap.  She used her left hand to tease my penis back to life and then sprayed my bottom again.  This time it stung like crazy (Cindy later shared with me that she had replaced the water in the bottle with rubbing alcohol.)  The timer was again set for ten minutes during which Cindy went back to using the leather spanking buddy to hand spank my entire bottom and upper thighs again, this time with more intensity and at a slower pace.  She also used her left hand to tease my package while she spanked.

However, when the timer finally rang, my bottom was very sore, even though I maintained an erection during the final stage.  Cindy seemed to love seeing how red it was.  By this point, we each needed a sexual release.  Cindy took control of that.  I was on my back on the bed and she mounted me cowgirl style.  I was very aware of my sore bottom against the bed sheets as she controlled our movement.  My package was still bound in the leather harness, which seemed to make it difficult for me to climax, even though I needed it badly.  Without going into too many details, Cindy climaxed and then made sure I also did.

At this point, we crashed and went to bed.  I was required to sleep in the panty hose.  When I awoke Saturday morning, my bottom was still somewhat red and very sore.  There were no bruises like I have experienced with a heavy spanking with the bathbrush.  However, it felt like it was still on fire or raw.

Even today, there is still soreness in my ass.  It was interesting to experience a less intense spanking over a long period of time.  And to realize the effect it can have.  I loved how Cindy took control and managed to spank me to a level I have not experienced without it being as painful as the more intense spankings.  It is a different type of control.


Tuesday, May 16, 2017


When I got up Monday morning and went to my closet, I found this implement hanging on the inside of its door.  Cindy had placed it there during night while I was asleep.  I will admit that I felt some relief because it didn't appear too menacing.  I was expecting something much worse, based on some side comments Cindy has been making.  I have also learned that it is a Leather Spanking Buddy from Cane-iac

So, I went to work feeling more relaxed.  When I arrived home from work and got changed before dinner, I found two more things hanging inside my closet door.  There was a spray bottle of water and a package of  control top panty hose.  I found those two items interesting and I asked Cindy why she placed them there.  She just smiled and said, "You'll see Saturday night."  I think I know what she has in mind, but I have learned to never feel sure about anything Cindy plans.

This morning, another item had appeared.  It was a large piece of ginger root.  I clearly understand what that is for!  Figging is something that Cindy and I have talked about, but never tried.

Who knows (only Cindy) if anything else will appear before Saturday night.  If she is trying to mess with my head, she is doing a good job.


Sunday, May 14, 2017

Introducing New Implements - The Naughty Stick

A few weeks ago, Cindy commented that she wanted to begin introducing some new implements for my weekly maintenance spankings.  She felt that our repertoire was becoming too routine and she wondered if introducing new spanking tools would increase the effectiveness of these spankings.

I didn't think much about it the next two Saturday nights because the maintenance spankings continued with our normal routine, which is usually me spending time over her lap being spanked very firmly with a hairbrush, wooden paddle, or short leather strap.

However, last Monday things changed.  When I arrived home from work and
went into our bedroom to change, I noticed a long wooden spanking implement hanging from the hook inside my closet door.  It was made of maple wood and was two feet long, over an inch wide, and 1/4 inch thick.  When we sat down to eat dinner Cindy asked me what I thought about my first new discipline implement.  "It looks quite frightening" I replied.  She just smiled and said that she thought it would probably be quite effective.  She then shared with me that she has purchased several new implements, and that this one is a "Naughty Stick" from a firm called Cane-iac.  She also let me know that I can expect a new implement to appear on my closet door each Monday morning and it will be utilized for my maintenance spanking the following Saturday night.  She also expressed her concern that I seemed to be developing a bit of an attitude at times, so I can expect the maintenance spankings to become more intense.

So, for the past week, every time I opened my closet door, I had to look at what was going to be used on my bottom at the end of the week.

When Saturday night arrived, Cindy took me to our bedroom for my maintenance spanking.  She began by sitting on a bench at the food of our bed, lowering my trousers and panties, and turning me over her lap for a lengthy warm-up spanking.  This is usually part of her routine, but this week's warm-up seemed a bit longer.  When she finished, she noticed that my penis was straining against my cage.  She commented to me that she hoped I had enjoyed the warm-up, because she doubted that I will enjoy the Naughty Stick.

I was then directed to bring her the Naughty Stick and lower myself over her lap again.  She then proceeded to firmly use the stick on my warmed up bottom.  She started out rather easy and worked her way up an down my bottom.  It produced a very effective stinging sensation, which I sort of enjoyed in the beginning.  However, as she increased the intensity and speed with which she spanked, it quickly became very uncomfortable.  After a time, she had me get up and look at my bottom in the mirror.  It was much redder than I expected.

She then decided that the Naughty Stick was long enough to be used with me lying face down on the bed.  She directed me to lie over a pile of pillows on our bed with by bottom elevated and exposed.  Taking the Naughty Stick she teased me with it again by lightly tapping my bottom as she found an appropriate range with which to swing it.  Then, without warning, she administered a full force swing that bridged both cheeks.  Yeoww!  Did that sting!  It felt ten times more intense than when she applied it with me over her knee.  I usually prefer sting to thud with respect to spanking implements.  But this stung far more than anything I have experienced.  It came on suddenly, as would be expected, and then continued to intensify, before eventually fading out.  Perhaps it is due to the type of wood (hard maple).  However, I also suspect it has to do with the fact that the paddle is narrow and covers both checks, and that she could swing it with much greater force when I wasn't over her knee.

I didn't count them, but I think she gave me at least twenty-five hard strokes with the Stick in that position.  She took her time and let the sting of each stroke subside before applying the next.  By the time she was ready to stop I was begging her to stop.  "I think we found a winner", she shared as she finished.  I was grateful that she then gently applied some moisturizing lotion to my sore and reddened bottom.  This was, by far, the hardest maintenance spanking she has given me.

I'm not really looking forward to seeing what her next new implement will be.  However, I will admit that Cindy definitely has my attention at the moment.  And, that appears to be her goal.


Friday, May 12, 2017

Update on Liz and Amy

I should probably let Cindy provide this update, but I know she is very busy at this time and has some reservations about us continuing this blog.  She hasn't enjoyed the stress it has put on both of us the past week. I don't blame her for feeling that way.  However, I don't want to let one person have that much influence on our lives.  We have both been stressed and frustrated and we are each handling the situation in our own way.  Cindy submitted our last post and then has gone quiet.  However, I know she really appreciated the positive responses she received.  I would also like to share that they were the only responses we received, so no comments were ignored or blocked.  I, on the other hand, initially went into a bit of recluse mode.  But, I am now ready to share again.

I thought I would begin with an update on our relationship with Liz and Amy.  I am sharing second hand information, because all recent contact with each of them has been by Cindy.  Cindy has met with each of them individually.  She reported that her meeting with Liz seemed to be frustrating for both of them.  Cindy tried to explore why Liz hasn't talked with her fiance about her interest in FLR and domestic discipline.   Cindy reported that Liz seemed to think that it would all work itself out.  Cindy feels like Liz is accustomed to having her own way and assumes that she will continue to be able to do so.  She shared that with Liz.  After talking with Cindy, I agree with her.  Also, Cindy knows Liz's fiance better than I do and she feels that he is quite submissive.  Maybe Liz is right.  I guess time will tell.

Her meeting with Amy was completely different. Amy continued to ask Cindy about our relationship.  She continued to be very interested in how we found ways to discuss our individual sexual needs and kinky interests, as well as how we found ways to blend those needs together.   Cindy also knows Amy's fiance better than me and she feels they are both of similar temperment.  They also seem to be having an ongoing conversation about their needs and desires. She shared those observations with Amy and encouraged her to continue to have an open dialogue and to be flexible with each other.

I should also share that in her individual discussions with Liz and Amy, Cindy told them about this blog for the first time.  She didn't want to take a chance on either one of them discovering the blog and recognizing that they were in it.  Even though we don't use our own names for this blog, nor do we use the real names of anyone we talk about, it wouldn't be very hard for Liz or Amy to recognize themselves if they read our posts.    They each expressed that they were OK with this.  Cindy and I also strongly feel that we will not share anything in this blog about Liz or Amy that would surprise them. They are good friends and should learn our thoughts about them directly from us, not by reading what we write about them in a blog.  That may be difficult to achieve, but we are committed to doing our best to achieve it.  It will take active communications.