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Monday, February 27, 2017

Honeymoon (Part 3)

Our meal time discussions provided Cindy and me with many ideas that we knew would be acceptable to explore with each other.  Cindy's Toy Box also provided us with lots of toys to utilize.  Part way through the week I was permitted to see what the box contained.  I was completely amazed of the collection that her girl friends put together for her.  I was also pleased that not all of them were selected just for Cindy's pleasure.  During the course of our honeymoon we put most of them to good use.

One significant item that we each enjoyed was a restraint system that attached to our mattress.  We both got to experience the pleasures of being restrained and subjected to the whims and desires of the other.  I was the first to experience it.  After securing me to the bed,  Cindy whispered into my ear that I shouldn't be afraid. She quickly added that I was in for a very long night of pleasure that would be provided by her.  She also added that I would also be expected to make sure she is appropriately pleasured.

She began by facing and straddling my face and allowing me to orally pleasure her.  She was clearly excited before I began, because it didn't take me long to bring her to her first orgasm that night (She would later experience a second one by riding me cow girl style). In between those two orgasms, Cindy focused on my pleasure.  She began by asking me if I was familiar with the term "Tease and Denial".  I admitted to her that I was very familiar with the term. She then asked me if I had ever experienced it.  When I shared that I had not, she shared with me that I was in for an interesting experience. Looking back on this night, it is probably when I first realized how much more experienced Cindy was than me in the sexual world.  I also later learned how much she had learned from conversations with her girl friends.  Again, looking back, I now know how naive I was.

Using a variety of toys from the Toy Box, as well as a pair of her panties and a nylon stocking, she teased me to a very high level of arousal numerous times.  Each time she backed off before I had an orgasm.  After what seemed like an eternity, she finally took me over the edge and then continued to tease my cock for a time when I was extremely sensitive. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before.  She finally stopped and gave me some time to recover.  She then decided that she wanted to see if I could perform again.  She straddled my face again, but this time with her head facing my crotch.  As I performed oral on her, she brought me back to life, and then sat on my cock cow girl style and went to work.  Since I had already had one orgasm, it took her a while to produce a second one from me, having one herself along the way.  After she climbed off, I was completely spent and limp, not just my cock, but my entire body.  She again gave me some time to recover while we talked about what we had just experienced.  She eventually went to the Toy Box and retrieved an Hitachi vibrator, and informed me that she wanted to see if you could coax another one out of me.  I never thought I would not want her to stimulate me, but that was how I felt at that time.  My pleas fell on deaf ears however, and she eventually managed to extract a final small load of cum from a semi-hard cock that was ready to be done.

After releasing me from my bondage and taking the restraint system off the bed, we fell asleep in each other's arms and slept soundly that night.

The next night, Cindy experienced her turn in the restraint system.  We started with me straddling her face with my head in a position to also provide her with oral.  During our mutual oral pleasuring, Cindy also surprised me at one point by taking my balls into her mouth instead of my cock.  OMG what a feeling.  After we each orgasmed, Cindy received somewhat of the same  prolonged stimulation experience I had the previous night, but not for as long.  It provided me with a wonderful opportunity to learn what types of toys and stimulation from me excited her the most.  We again ended with a second orgasm for each of us before calling it a night.

By the end of the honeymoon, we had explored most of the toys in Cindy's Toy Box,but not all.  Cindy had also introduced me to her knowledge of sexual positions and techniques.  I don't want to continue to dwell on what we did, since I think I have shared enough to provide a sense of how our marriage started off.  We established excellent communications with respect to our sexual desires and fantasies and had time to explore a good number of them.  When we returned home to begin a normal married life, we had an excellent base from which to work and to explore other areas of our developing female led relationship.

My next post will pick up at that point and attempt to share how we began to further develop this thing called FLR, as well as continue to explore our sexual desires and needs.


Friday, February 24, 2017

The Honeymoon (Part 2)

Throughout the week it became very clear to me that Cindy had given significant thought to making our honeymoon a very memorable experience and that her "Toy Box" had an endless supply of toys to help her do that.  It also made me realize that she must have discussed a lot of things with her girl friends before our wedding, since the "Toy Box" was a gift from them to Cindy.

When we sat down for breakfast the first morning, Cindy produced several 3x5 cards.  She explained to me that she wanted us to perform a little exercise at each meal this week.  We each wrote down at least one sexual desire or fantasy that excites us and then exchanged cards with each other.  Using a scale of 0 through 10, we then rated our personal response to the desire or fantasy written by the other person.  The rating system was based on the following:
  • 10 =  "That sounds very sexy and I would love to do it with you", 
  • 5 =  "I'm neutral about this.  I'm neither excited nor offended by it", 
  • 0 =  "That grosses me out".  
We then discussed the items and each of our ratings.

After our first discussion, we also agreed that we could each feel free to initiate any activity that had a rating of 4 or higher and that we would not initiate anything rated 3 or lower without further discussion and agreement.

We had some very interesting discussions at each of our meals during our honeymoon and many interesting evenings.  This proved to be a very effective and comfortable way for us to be able to share and talk about our sexual desires and fantasies.

Following are some of the items we listed (in no particular order) and the rating they received.

Cindy's List with Larry's ratings
  • Watch Larry masturbate - 6
  • Spank Larry in front of one or more of my girl friends - 5
  • Let one of my girlfriends spank Larry -8
  • Peg Larry - 8
  • Make Larry wear a butt plug when we go out to dinner or to a party and then peg him when we get home - 4
  • Feed Larry his own cum  - 4
  • Bind Larry to the bed face up and have sex with him - 8
  • Bind Larry to the bed face up and provide long teasing session - 7
  • Have Larry cum in my vagina and then have him give me oral 
  • Dress Larry up in a bustier with garters and stockings, and spank and peg him - 9
  • Put Larry in a chastity device - 4
  • Dress Larry in panties - 8
Larry's List with Cindy's ratings
  • Give Cindy an erotic spanking - 6
  • Give Cindy a moderate naughty girl spanking - 3
  • Have Cindy 'swallow' - 4
  • Have Cindy catch me masturbating to PC porn and then spank me like a naughty boy -8
  • Penetrate Cindy from behind (doggy style) - 7
  • Have anal sex with Cindy - 4
  • Have anal sex with Cindy while she has a dildo in her vagina - 4
  • Tie Cindy up and have sex with her - 7
  • Cowgirl position with Cindy - 10
  • Have Cindy bind me to the bed face up and bring me to orgasm repeatedly until I can't get hard again - 7
  • Provide oral sex to each other at same time (69) - 10
  • Have Cindy use a pair of her panties to bring me to orgasm - 7
  • Have Cindy use a pair of her panties to gag me while I'm being spanked - 6
We also periodically do this exercise even today.


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Honeymoon (Part 1)

Cindy and I spent the first night of our marriage in a local hotel.  We were exhausted from the wedding and wanted to get an early start in the morning for our drive to the mountain resort where we would spend the next week.  We had sex that night, but it wasn't very rewarding. Neither of us had the energy to put into it. I think we each managed to experience an orgasm, but I know that it wasn't what I anticipated for my wedding night.  I later learned that Cindy felt the same way.  We were each too exhausted.

We managed to arrive at the resort by mid afternoon the next day.  While unloading the car and getting our things settled into our little private cottage, I became aware of an item that Cindy must have placed deep in the trunk and then draped a blanket over.  It looked like a wicker picnic basket, but it had a hasp with a small brass lock securing its cover and there was a brass plaque fastened to the top which read "Cindy's Toy Box".  When I asked her about it, she told me that it was a shower gift from a group of her girl friends and also included a couple of gifts from her mother. She also advised me that I should stay out of it.  And she added, that I need not worry, because I would eventually learn about the toys it contains.

Cindy decided we should relax in the hot tub for a while before dinner.  She disappeared into the bathroom and when she came out she had changed in a new bright red bikini.  She was a knockout and it was all I could do not to attack her right then and there.  She has a beautiful body.   Her 34C breasts are high and firm with very perky nipples that are frequently hard and protruding through whatever clothing she is wearing, even when with a bra.  She also has a firm, beautifully shaped ass that begs to be fondled and massaged.   The new bikini displayed all of her assets in a beautiful way.  As I learned on our honeymoon, she is also willing to show off.  She definitely has some strong exhibitionist tendencies.   (I'll probably earn a spanking for being so descriptive of Cindy, but I can't resist sharing how beautiful I think she is.  I can only hope she will take it that way,  After all, I'm trying to share how I felt on the first day of our honeymoon.)

When I started to put my swim trunks on she stopped me and produced a new swim suit that she had purchased for me.  I quickly realized that it was a speedo which would clearly display everything I've got (or don't have) below the waist.  I have always been a bit inhibited about the size of my package (although Cindy seems perfectly satisfied with it).  So, to wear something like that was clearly out of my comfort zone.  When I put it on it left nothing to imagination about what I had.  I tried to convince Cindy that I really didn't feel comfortable in it, but there was no way I was going to change her mind.  It was clear that I was going to wear the speedo unless I wanted to start out our honeymoon in a very bad way.  Cindy had a nice white coverup that she could wear over her bikini  (but seldom did), so  I found a large T-shirt that I could wear until we got to the hot tub.

When we arrived, we had the tub to ourselves, so I felt greatly relieved.  We settled into the water and Cindy immediately began massaging my package.  It didn't take long for me to have a raging hard-on!   By rhe looks of her nipples, she was also very aroused.  Unfortunately, another couple appeared shortly.  By the looks of the shiny rings on their fingers, they were also newlyweds, but the guy seemed to have trouble keeping his eyes off Cindy's breasts.  I just looked at him and smiled.  He knew he had been caught.

As we started to talk with Brenda and John, Cindy asked me to go get her something to drink from the bar.  I tried to suggest that we wait a little bit.  She would have no part of it.  When she finally asked why I was stalling, I whispered that I couldn't stand up yet, and glanced down at my crotch.  I couldn't believe it when Cindy loudly responded with something like "Oh come on Larry.  I'm sure Brenda and John have seen someone with a woody before.  Please just get me something cold to drink.  Or perhaps you'd rather go over my knee when we get back to our cottage".  That brought smiles to the couple.  As I got out of the tub and put my T-shirt on as quickly as I could, I heard Brenda ask Cindy if she really spanks me.  I didn't wait to hear the answer as I made my way to the bar.

When I returned with a gin and tonic for Cindy and beer for me, Cindy and Brenda were still talking about the fact that Cindy spanks me, both for sexual pleasure and discipline.  I got back into  the tub and started up a conversation with John.  Since football preseason was taking place, we discussed which teams looked like they might do well this year.  As it turned out, John was an Atlanta fan and I'm a Patriots supporter.  Little did we know how the season would turn out.

After Cindy finished her gin and tonic she let me know that she wanted to head back to our cottage. We said goodbye to Brenda and John after Cindy suggested that we get together for dinner some night.  Cindy and Brenda developed quite a friendship during our stay, which you will probably hear more about later.

Back in the cottage Cindy and I enjoyed a shower together with a lot of mutual pleasure being provided, but she stopped me short of any full sex, telling me that there was something else she wanted to do first.  After placing a bath towel on the bed, she had me lie on my back with my legs apart. She then appeared with a small electric trimmer and began to shave my cock and balls.  Once she was satisfied, she disappeared to the kitchenette in the cottage and returned with a bowl of hot water along with my shaving cream and razor.

She then finished the process of shaving me smooth.  During the process, she explained that she had been reading several FLR blogs about how the husbands keep themselves completely shaved as a symbol of their devotion and submission.  She told me how meaningful it would be to her if I would be willing to do that.  She also added that it also makes the prospect of oral sex much more attractive to her.  I couldn't argue with that, or about the fact that she keeps herself cleanly shaved for me except for a narrow 'landing strip' of hair directly above her pussy.  Once she finished with my front, she directed me to role over and she shaved my ass, including the crack and around my hole.  It was a very sexual experience for me.  I have read blogs where some men have felt humiliated by this type of experience, but I didn't feel that way at all. I loved having Cindy handle my cock and balls as she shaved them, and feel her touching my butt hole.   As you can probably imagine, I was ready to explode, but Cindy was having no part of that yet.

We eventually went to dinner with me feeling more horny than I have ever felt before.  Of course, we bumped into Brenda and John on the way to our table. I couldn't help but hear Brenda try to discreetly ask Cindy if she had to spank me.

Cindy and I had a very good discussion over dinner about the day and her expectations and plans for what we would do during our honeymoon week.  She seemed to try to focus on our day time events, but it was also clear that she had some definite plans for our night time as well.  I couldn't help but let my mind wonder what was in "Cindy's Toy Box".

We took our time over dinner and were the last ones to leave the dining room. When we returned to our cottage we enjoyed a very relaxed and mutually satisfying time together.  I think we were both feeling very comfortable that we had found sexual soulmates.

Until later,

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Moving to Marriage

After my spanking lesson with Cindy and her Mom, it was clear to Cindy and me that we seemed to be meant for each other.  Our relationship became closer and our discussions became deeper.  We both seemed to feel more free in discussing everything (from politics to religion to sexual fantasies) because we each felt that our views would be respected.  I'm still not sure how that came about from the spanking situation, but it did.

To make a short story even shorter, we ended up being married in August of 2016.  We kept things pretty simple because neither of our families has a lot of money.  And, Cindy and I don't either.  We weren't interested in a big show, but wanted to have a meaningful ceremony for ourselves, our families, and our closest friends.  Thanks to Cindy, we managed to accomplish that.

Leading up to the marriage, Cindy started following some of her mother's advice.  She started with providing me with a Maintenance spanking once a week, usually on Saturday or Sunday evening.  They weren't as severe as her mother recommended, but they definitely provided a reminder of how much a spanking could hurt if she decided to make it do so.  She also took charge of most things in our lives.  I was thrilled with all of that.  The spankings would start out as fun, but end with me having a sore ass that I felt the next day.  I also didn't mind her dealing with all of the details of life.  After all, I'm pretty submissive and introverted.  She is dominant and an extrovert.  I also slowly began to learn that she is also quite an exhibitionist.  I'll share more about that characteristic as our story unfolds.

Up until the time we got married, she only gave me one spanking that I would call disciplinary or punishment.  I deserved it and she let me know that.  I will also say that it was not as severe as what her mother helped her demonstrate earlier.  I was very thankful for that.  But, she got the message across.  My butt was sore for two days and I didn't want another spanking like that.

Cindy had a lot of fun planning our simple wedding and we enjoyed a special day.  We left the next morning for our honeymoon - a week at a small mountain resort.  We had our own little private cottage in a beautiful setting.  We also had access to the types of facilities and services that made us feel luxurious and pampered.  It was a special week.  It was also a week when I really learned how special Cindy is to me and how much she likes to be in control (one of the things I love about her).

I will begin to try to share some things that happened (but not all) in my next post.


PS - I am also trying to convince Cindy to write some things that I can share in this blog.  I would like us to be able share things from each of our view points.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Larry's First Spanking

I have been fascinated and aroused by the thoughts of spanking (both receiving and giving) for as long as I can remember.  I remember making up games to play with my friends as a young child that would provide opportunities for spanking.

When I gathered the courage to share my fantasies with Cindy, I was thrilled that she was not turned off by them.  She fully embraced them (at least those concerning me being spanked).  However, she also shared that she had never spanked anyone and didn't know much about how to effectively meet my needs.  As we talked more, she suggested that her mother might be able to help her learn, since she has been aware of her mother spanking her father for many years.

With my cautious approval, she spoke with her mother and shared our situation with her.  Her mother was very enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge of administering spankings with Cindy.  After I agreed, Cindy and her mother set up an evening to meet with us in her home when her father would be out of town.

I have to confess that I was extremely nervous about this meeting.  My initial concern was about actually being spanked.  That also led to me being very anxious about having Cindy's mother spank me, because from what Cindy explained to me, it sounded like her mother planned to actually spank me as a demonstration for Cindy.  When we arrived I was very aware of a number of spanking implements on the coffee table in the living room and the presence of a dining room chair in the middle of the room.  Cindy's mother noticed me observing both of these and softly commented to me "They are a bit intimidating, aren't they?  They are meant to be young man."

After some small talk, we all sat down with a glass of wine or beer as Cindy's mother opened the discussion.  She explained to me that she was very proud of her daughter and me for being willing to take this step.  She further shared with me that she and her husband have been in a Female Led Relationship for years and that spanking has played a key role in their successful marriage.

Her mother, Barbara, then shared with Cindy and me that she employs three primary types of spanking in their relationship:  Erotic Spanking, Maintenance Spanking, and Disciplinary/Punishment Spanking. She told us that she would teach Cindy how to perform each of these activities.

Erotic Spanking

Cindy's mother shared that an erotic spanking is a very pleasurable activity for both parties.  She asked Cindy to sit on the sofa and directed me to remove my pants and underwear.  Once I had done so, I was relieved when Barbara directed me to lie across Cindy's lap with my chest on the sofa.  Once there, I was directed to spread my legs.  Once in position she directed Cindy in spanking my bare bottom in a way that provided a very comfortable sting.  She also explained that the buttocks are very close to the sexual organs of both sexes, so that providing stimulation to the bottom also provides a sexual type of stimulation.  She provided guidance to Cindy to periodically take time to rub my bottom in between periods of spanking and to reach between my legs and tease my genitals.  She also had her use her fingernails to stimulate my bottom and genitals.  It was a very arousing experience which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Barbara suggested to us that this type of spanking is a very effective form a foreplay and that it works equally well for the male or female to be on the receiving end.  She shared that Cindy's father occasionally spanks her like this.  She also recommended that this type of spanking be given on the sofa or on a bed, which allows the spankee to be very relaxed and comfortable.

Maintenance Spanking

After I put my underwear and pants back on, Barbara shared that the next level of spanking is a "Maintenance" spanking, which she employs on a regular basis with Cindy's father.  She explained that the purpose of this type of spanking is to provide a regular reminder of what a disciplinary/punishment spanking feels like to serve as a deterrent to improper behavior.  "It's a good idea to make sure your husband doesn't forget how much a spanking can hurt without having to administer a serious punishment spanking", she told Cindy.  She also told Cindy that both the Maintenance and Disciplinary/ Punishment spankings should be administered when she is fully dressed, but with me completely naked.  She added, however, that Cindy should be the one to actually lower and remove my underwear, since that will remind me that she is in charge.

Barbara then suggested to Cindy that the best position for a maintenance spanking is for her to sit in a straight backed chair and take me over her lap after having removed my underwear.  She explained that this a a very submissive position for the male, which we remind me that she is in charge and that this spanking is not meant to be pleasureful.  She suggested that a implement such as a wooden hairbrush, ruler, or small paddle be used.  She also stated that it needs to be something that can generate some pain, but without being too severe.

Barbara then suggested that she be permitted to provide Cindy with a short demonstration before having Cindy give me a full spanking.  She looked to me for my consent.  At this point I became very nervous, but nodded my consent to Barbara.  She then asked Cindy to direct me to remove all of my clothing except my boxer shorts.

While I complied, Barbara selected a wooden hairbrush from the coffee table and sat on the dining room chair in the middle of the room.  She called me over to her.  As I stood by her side, she slowly slid my boxers to the floor and asked me to step out of them.  She observed my hard-on and commented that it would be disappearing before she and Cindy were done with me.  She then informed me that she was about to administer my weekly Maintenance spanking and guided me over her lap with my head down to floor on her left side.  It was a bit uncomfortable and it was clear to me that my ass was sticking up in the air.  "This will serve as a reminder to you to make sure you behave and avoid having to receive a disciplinary spanking."  Barbara suggested to Cindy that she observe closely as she began to spank me with the brush.

She started out at a comfortable level for me.  However, the intensity quickly increased.  About the time that I was ready to plead with her to stop, she backed off and actually stopped.  Rubbing my bottom she began a conversation with me about how much it must hurt and asked me if would like to have a real disciplinary spanking.  I replied that I did not.  She shared that she doesn't want to have to give me one, but she will if it is needed.  She then repeated the process, which took a shorter time to reach the point where I was in real pain and I was very aware that my hard-on was quickly fading.

Barbara then suggested that I stand up and pull up my boxers.  She had Cindy sit in the chair and instructed her to start this type of spanking from the beginning.  Cindy was a quick learner.  With some guidance from Barbara along the way, she lowered my boxers and put me through several rounds of a very tough spanking.  Barbara seemed pleased with her intensity level and her ability to read me concerning when I had received enough.  From my end, I quickly understood that if this was a maintenance spanking, the real disciplinary spanking was going to be very uncomfortable.

After being allowed to dress again, we took a break and refilled our wine/beer.  Barbara then shared that the last type of spanking is a "Disciplinary" or "Punishment" spanking, which is the most severe and reserved for serious misdeeds.  Barbara again requested my concurrence that she demonstrate this type of spanking to Cindy.  Swallowing my nervousness, I agreed.  After having experienced the maintenance spanking, I was extremely anxious and nervous about what this would be.  I've always fantasized about receiving this type of spanking, but the reality of what it really means was hitting home.

Disciplinary or Punishment Spanking

Barbara shared with Cindy that this type of spanking is meant to be very severe and serve as a punishment and a deterrent concerning significant behavioral issues.  She told Cindy that it should never be administered in anger, but only when she has had time to calm down and be completely aware of what she is doing and how I am reacting.  She reminded her that it should always be administered to a completely nude husband while she is fully clothed and that she should be the one to remove her husbands underwear.

She advised Cindy that the position of the recipient is extremely important because she will need to be able to maintain control of him during the spanking.
She shared that she likes to have her father over her left knee and use her right leg to clamp over his legs.  She then uses her left hand to hold his right arm behind his back, leaving her right hand free to administer the spanking.  She also shared that she sometimes makes her father lie on his stomach on the bed and then she sits on his back facing his buttocks.  Both positions, she explained give her the ability to keep him in place.

Barbara finally shared that Cindy should always use a more severe implement for this type of spanking.  Her favorite implement is a wooden bath brush, which she said makes a hair brush feel like a toy.  She also suggested to her that a heavy paddle or a thick leather strap work very effectively.

Barbara then brought a second dining room chair into the living room and placed it facing the one that was already there.  She told Cindy that they would work together to administer the punishment spanking.  Barbara said that she would start, but would then coach and guide Cindy to completion.  Barbara picked up a wooden bath brush and a wooden paddle from the coffee table.  She gave the bath brush to Cindy and they each sat in a chair facing each other.  Barbara directed Cindy to prepare me for the spanking.  After ordering me to strip down to my boxer shorts, Cindy called me to her right side.   She then slowly removed my boxers,  In spite of my nervousness, I was again displaying a hard-on.  Barbara commented to Cindy that I do have a fascination with spanking, and then informed both of us that it will be gone within thirty seconds!

 I quickly found myself over over both of their laps with my legs clamped down by one from each of them and my right hand pinned behind my back by Cindy's left hand.. They each began tapping my ass with their spanking tools.  Barbara then told Cindy to explain to me why I was being punished.  I was advised that she was very upset by the lack of respect that I sometimes display for her.  She explained that I have frequently been late in picking her up without giving her a call and there was a recent time when I didn't show up at all without letting her know (both were true).  She then advised me that she considers both of those actions to be punishable offenses and that she plans to do just that.  It quickly became clear to me that Barbara and Cindy had pre-planned how they were going to handle this serious spanking.

Barbara then shared with Cindy that there should be no warm up type of spanks in this type of spank. It is important, she explained, to get right to the heart of the matter.  She then did exactly that.  Both the bath brush and wooden paddle are evil spanking tools.  The brush's deep penetrating pain is extremely intense, as is the sting and thud of a wooden paddle.  They didn't waste any time in making sure I felt each of them.  There was no gradual beginning.  Both were applied very hard right from the beginning.  They began by alternating their spanks.  They then switched to one applying five or more swats at a time to a cheek before the other one took over and did the same.  As I began to struggle and beg them to stop, Barbara advised Cindy that she should not be concerned about my pleas and promises.  She told her that a true punishment spanking only really begins when the recipient dearly wants it to end.

Throughout the spanking Cindy continued to scold me.  After my pleas and promises fell on deaf ears, I finally reached a point where I was emotionally spent.  I don't know why, but I began to cry.  I think it was more from the emotion of the moment than anything else.  It struck me that I was lying over my future wife's lap being punished for not being very kind to the woman I love more than anything else in this world.  "This is when learning takes place", Barbara explained to Cindy as they continued to spank my very sore ass.  At this point, I think Barbara let Cindy take over.  However, I'm not sure what exactly happened.

When it finally stopped, I was lying limp across their laps.  Cindy helped me stand up and gave me a big hug and a kiss, telling me that she loves me very much, and that she hopes she never has to spank me like that again.  She also told me that all is forgiven.   Barbara told Cindy that the moment after the spanking and the after care provided is just as important as the punishment spanking.

After being permitted to get dressed again, the three of us sat down to finish our wine and beer.  I could see that Cindy was watching me closely to see how I was handling the situation.  She also looked a little bit shocked about the severity of the spanking she and her mother had just administered.  Barbara asked her if she felt she could administer this type of spanking  by herself if it becomes necessary.  A little bit to my surprise, Cindy didn't hesitate at all before she responded that she absolutely could and would, when it is appropriate.

As we continued to talk about the evening, I couldn't help but think about the saying "Be careful what you ask for, you might receive it".  That was exactly how I felt.  I was beginning to feel like I had opened Pandora's Box.  The punishment spanking was not anything like I expected.   I also began to realize even more what a strong and determined woman Cindy is.  I felt a bit fearful (or at least anxious), but also very excited.

When Cindy and I discussed this afterwards, she was very pleased that I was not completely frightened away but what happened.  It was at this point that I think we each realized that we were meant for each other.  Our marriage plans solidified very quickly.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

How it all Began ...

Cindy and I had been dating for almost two years before our relationship began to get pretty serious.  When the topic of marriage began to be discussed, I decided that it would be best if I shared a bit more of my sexual interests with her.  When I finally gathered the courage to share my spanking interest with her, it quickly became apparent that it was not a big deal.  She quickly shared with me that her mother has always spanked her father, and that her parents live in a Female Led Relationship.  I didn't even know what that meant, but Cindy has taught me much about it since then.

I think the fact that I shared my spanking interest as well as some of my other kinky interests with her provided Cindy with the courage to share her kinky sexual interests with me.  Before getting engaged, we had many long conversations, and some activities, that amazed me.  She easily convinced me that 'kink' is normal, natural, and fun.

By the time we were ready to make the decision to engaged, it was clear to me that our relationship would be female led.  I was, and am, OK with that.  She is a gift in my life each of our roles in the relationship fit our individual personalities.  During our engagement period we held many discussions about the relationship and our individual roles in it.  Using help we found in several FLR blogs, we composed and signed a written agreement that details our female led relationship.  It includes a provision that we sit down and discuss (and revise if appropriate) this document every three months.  I will try to address our document at a later time with specific posts.

From the beginning, Cindy has been very open about our relationship with her friends.  That took a little time for me to get comfortable with, but I made that transition.  I like the fact that Cindy can be open and honest about it and also keep it light hearted.  It is not unusual for her to answer questions she receives about why we like this life style with the comment "I have the pussy, so I make the rules".  She has even been known to wear a T-shirt proclaiming this reality.
I have also come to realize that there are many men who live in relationships which follow that rule without really acknowledging it.  I am very glad the Cindy and I can be open and honest about our relationship.  We entered into a marriage that embraces FLR fully cognizant of what it entails.


Monday, February 13, 2017


I am a 25 year old recently married male who is submissive, shy, and sexually fascinated with spanking.  I have had this fascination for as long as I can remember and it includes being spanked by females as well as administering spankings to females.  I guess that I am what is referred to as a 'switch'.  It took me a long time to understand and accept this fascination, but the internet helped realize that I am not alone.

I was lucky enough to meet a beautiful woman (Cindy) who understands my fascination and we recently got married.  She is two years older than I, dominant, outgoing, and has kinky interests that make my fascination with spanking seem tame.  She clearly likes to be in control, which is fine with me.

We have been married for less than six months and are exploring and developing a Female Led Relationship that also incorporates spanking as a form of punishment for me.  We are also exploring a number of other kinky activities, which include things for sexual pleasure as well as other forms of disciplining/punishing me when appropriate.

After we got married, Cindy encouraged me to use my writing skills to share our relationship with others.  Being the extroverted, outgoing person she is, it is natural for her to want to share.  She understands and accepts that I am introverted and shy.  However, she has convinced me that using the pen is a way for me to be able to comfortably share.

So, here goes.  I'm going to try to share what happens in our relationship and how we develop as a FLR couple.  This is my first attempt at blogging and sharing.

We both are trying to understand how Blogger works, so please bear with us.

Your comments and  thoughts about our sharing will be openly welcomed.