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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Cindy's Reflections - Our Evening with Liz and Amy

Larry asked me to post my side of the story about what happened Saturday night with Liz and Amy.  I quickly agreed that I needed to do so, especially considering all the comments that were posted concerning Larry being set up for what happened.

There is truth to the feeling that there was a set-up.  However, the intentions were not malicious and the outcome was not what anyone expected.  I met with Liz and Amy Saturday morning to talk about what I expected to happen Saturday night.  Those expectations included having a honest and candid conversation about our FLR and many of the kinky things that Larry and I enjoy.  They also included a demonstration of how I spank Larry and offering Liz and Amy an opportunity to spank him.  Liz made the suggestion that it would be fun to create a situation where she and Amy had a reason to spank Larry, to make it more "real".    As an idea, she suggested the idea of she and Amy dressing in a very revealing and provocative  manner and then creating "trumped" up charges that Larry had been staring at them and ogling them.  That would create a reason for them to spank Larry, which would make the evening seem more real.

I liked Liz's idea and we all thought it would be fun.  I hope everyone understands my intention was to have fun.   So, I decided to go along with it.  However, there were two factors that I didn't know about or consider.  The first was that I didn't anticipate that Larry would actually do what he was going to be falsely accused of.  When the charges were made by Liz and Amy, he didn't protest or deny them.  That completely surprised me.  And, when his pants were removed, it became apparent that he had been aroused.  I quickly realized that he was guilty.  I was initially disappointed and upset.  But, at that time, I didn't realize that his extent of his anxiety or the role that alcohol may have played in his behavior.

The second factor was that I didn't know that Liz was an experienced spanker and would spank Larry so severely.  She acknowledged her experience before she spanked him. But, I thought that was part of her role playing and I didn't really expect her to be so severe. When I realized how far she was taking it, I told her to stop.

Larry and I have talked about all of this a lot. We are both OK with what happened.  Larry initially didn't like having been set up.  However, he has also come to realize that it even thought it was a set-up, he fell for it and behaved improperly.  He has also acknowledged that he deserved to be punished.

As a result of this situation, I have come to realize that I have to be careful about how I allow my friends to come into my relationship with Larry. Liz was not completely honest with me.  She and I have talked about that.  She now knows and understands that I will not tolerate that behavior on her part in the future.

I think it is important for me to share that I think Larry will acknowledge that, although he never wants to be spanked that hard again, he also accepts responsibility for what he did.  He has also shared with me that, except for the severe spanking, he found the entire evening very exciting.  There were a number of aspects of the evening with respect to witnessed nudity and spanking by my friends that we both found very exciting.  He also found the nipple torture to be very exciting.

Larry has also shared that he would love to be spanked by Amy again (and I am determined to teach her how to be more assertive and give a spanking that goes beyond being erotic and fun).  However, he also has serious reservations about being spanked by Liz.

I'd like to leave you with the understanding that Larry and I are OK with what happened.  I also want to share with you that my original agreement with Larry (about you know what with my bottom) still stands.  After we complete our next meeting with Liz and Amy on Sunday, he will have fulfilled his end of the bargain.  He will have fully earned what I agreed to allow.  I think I have as much anxiety about Larry taking me that way as he did about our meeting with Liz and Amy.  However, I hope that I will not resort to the use of alcohol to prepare for it.  And,  I am also confident that it will end up being a positive experience for both of us.  Larry is a wonderful, caring, and sensitive man.


Monday, April 24, 2017

Our Evening with Liz and Amy - Continued

When the three women returned to the living room, I was standing right where they had left me, wearing just my panties, garter belt and stockings.  Cindy was carrying a basket that contained a variety of items, most of which I could not see.

Cindy asked Liz and Amy to place the items from the basket on our coffee table.  While they were doing that, Cindy came over to me and began to share some of what was going to happen.  She explained that she had previously planned to demonstrate how she administers a maintenance spanking for Liz and Amy.  However, due to my behavior, it was now going to be a punishment spanking.  She also let me know that since my behavior was directed towards Liz and Amy, she planned to allow Liz and Amy to spank me if they desired to do so.    That didn't surprise me.  However, I was surprised when she then explained that the punishment spanking was going to be just one part of my punishment.  She additionally explained that since my attention during the evening had been focused on Liz's and Amy's breasts as well as their behinds, they were going to direct significant attention to my nipples as well as to my ass.  "Somehow, that seems very appropriate, don't you agree?"  she added.  As she finished talking to me, she reached down and grabbed my crotch.  "You don't seem quite so aroused anymore, do you?"  Even before she did that, it was obvious by just looking at my panties that my cock had shriveled to a small size.  The situation I was in took away any sexual feelings I had previously enjoyed.

Cindy then asked Liz to bring a dining room chair with arms into the living room.  It was placed in the middle of the room and I was directed to sit on it.  I quickly found my wrists bound to the arms of the chair and a blindfold placed over my eyes.   Cindy then explained that Liz and Amy were going to shave my chest and then apply nipple clamps to my breasts.  (I later learned that this was Liz's idea).

As they moved around me while shaving my chest, I periodically felt one or both them allow their breasts to lightly graze  my head or shoulders.  I think it was mostly Liz, but wasn't sure.  I suspected that this was intentional.   During this process they both made a point of pinching and twisting my nipples periodically.  When the shaving was complete I then felt clamps being applied to each nipple and in a circle around each nipple.  I later realized that these were plastic, spring-loaded clothespins.  During this process I began to realize that I was getting aroused.  I tried to suppress it, but couldn't.  To make matters worse, Liz realized that I was beginning to get an erection and quickly pointed it out to Amy and Cindy.  Liz quickly commented that I must like the feeling of being restrained and being subjected to the whims of the three of them.

Cindy then came over and used her hands to tease my package and make it even harder.  "He is excited", she declared, "but it will quickly disappear when he goes over my knee for a punishment spanking".  Cindy then untied me and removed my blindfold.  She turned to Liz and Amy and suggested that they remove my clamps before we begin the spanking.  The two of them slowly removed the clips one at a time, letting the pain sink in as blood flowed back into the tissues around my nipples.

While they were removing the clamps, I realized that our ottoman had been placed next to the coffee table and  that the coffee table was covered with our many spanking implements.  Cindy sat down in the ottoman and directed me to come to her.  After removing my panties, she guided me over her lap with my legs spread, fully exposing me.  She then proceeded to lightly spank my cock, teasing me about being excited.  After getting me fully erect, she told Liz and Amy to watch how quickly she could make it go away.  She then started spanking me with a bamboo paddle that stings like crazy.  My erection quickly disappeared.  Cindy proceeded to spank me with a variety of other implements, and had me pleading with her to stop.  However, I felt like she was going easy on me compared to what she could have done.

After a time she asked Amy and Liz if they would like to spank me.  Both agreed and Liz suggested that Amy go first.  Amy took Cindy's place on the hassock and selected our black ebony hairbrush as her implement of choice.   She then told me to lay across her lap for my spanking.   Keeping my legs together as I went over her lap, it allowed my dick to remain in front of me.  Given the short length of her skirt, it ended up lying directly against her pantyhose covered thighs.  This was not intentional on my part, but just the way it happened.  As Amy began to spank and I moved around, the result was what you would expect.  Amy wasn't spanking me very hard.  That coupled with the the stimulation from the pantyhose quickly produced another erection.  When Amy realized what was happening, she immediately made me get off of her.  "Look at what you're doing to my hose", she exclaimed as she pointed out a small wet spot from precum.

Cindy looked at me as if to say "What in the world do you think you are doing?"  Liz quickly joined in and told Amy not to worry.  "When I get done, I promise that he won't showing any signs of life down there."  She then turned to Cindy and asked "May I have the honor of spanking your husband in a way that will teach him a lesson?"   Cindy quickly agreed and Amy appeared ready to be done with trying to spank me.

Liz took a look at the implements on the coffee table and selected the wooden bath brush, my most hated implement.   After sitting down, she took me over her left thigh and immediately used her right leg as a clamp over my legs.  It was then that I knew I was in trouble.  Liz quickly confirmed my assessment when she said to Cindy, "I don't think I ever shared this with you, but I dated a man a few years ago that needed to be spanked.  And, I got pretty good at delivering the hard type of spankings he liked.  I think that is exactly what Larry needs right now.  May I have your permission?"  After Cindy gave her the OK, Liz went to work with the bath brush.  She started out slowly, but firmly, spanking first one cheek and then the other.  She was also moving the striking spot on each cheek around as she alternately spanked them.  I was handling that as best I could when she commented "Now it's time to get down to business."  With that she increased the intensity and the speed.  She also changed her technique.  Instead of alternating between cheeks, she started delivering multiple blows to the exact same spot on one cheek before changing to the other cheek to deliver multiple blows in the same spot.  When she started doing that, I put my right hand back to try to stop the onslaught.  Liz quickly grabbed it by the wrist and held me tight.

I don't know how long this continued.  All I know is that I was trying my hardest to endure the pain and pleading with her to stop.  I heard Cindy say "That's enough Liz" and she finally stopped,   At that point my body went completely limp across her lap and I heard Liz say to Cindy and Amy that she's sure I received the message this time.

After I slowly removed myself from Liz's lap, Cindy suggested that I go to our bedroom and get dressed, and to then rejoin them in the living room.  When I came back, the three of them each had a glass of wine and were conversing about Female Led Relationships and the benefits of spanking as discipline.  Amy was saying that she didn't think she could spank anyone as hard as Liz spanked me.  To which Cindy commented that she hasn't found it necessary to spank me that severely.  And then she added that her mother apparently spanks her father that hard.  She then explained how she uses weekly maintenance spankings to make sure I know she will spank me harder when she needs to do so.

By this time it was getting a bit late and I think we were all exhausted emotionally from what had taken place.  I know I was.  I was glad to hear Cindy suggest that we call it a night, but plan to regather as soon as possible to continue the FLR discussion.  She indicated that there are still a number of things that she'd like to share with them.  Liz and Amy also indicated that they still have questions for both Cindy and me.  Plans were made to gather again next Sunday night.

After Liz and Amy left, Cindy and I had a long talk about what happened that night.  The evening's activities were not what either one of us expected.  We plan to share more about that. However, it is going to take us some time, so please be patient.  I was off work today, but we have a busy week coming up.  I promise to find the time at some point to explain more about what happened.  I'm sure there will also be more to share about our conversations with Liz and Amy next Sunday evening.


Sunday, April 23, 2017

Our Evening with Liz and Amy

Saturday turned out to be the day! The evening was not at all what I expected, due to my own fault, and Cindy informed me this morning that I am required to begin posting about it today.  It will probably take multiple posts to include everything that happened and what will happen in the future as a result of last night.

Saturday afternoon shortly after 4:00 PM, Cindy advised me that Liz and Amy would be arriving at 6:00 PM for a light dinner.  She also strongly advised me that  I needed to shower, make other necessary preparations (her code words to use a disposable enema) and be appropriately dressed before they arrive.  And, she shared that she thought wearing a garter belt and stockings with my panties would be a nice touch.  When I asked if we could remove my cage, she replied "Of course not, I plan to let them see it on you."

I did as she directed and managed to have a couple of beers to calm my nerves before the doorbell rang.  When I opened the door, I was a bit surprised to see how sexy Liz and Amy were dressed.  Liz was wearing skin tight black slacks with a sheer, silky blouse that left nothing to the imagination with respect to her breasts and cleavage.  Amy had on a very short, tight skirt that didn't go more than an inch or two below her ass and a nylon shell that revealed her cleavage along with glimpses of a very lacy bra.  I should probably also explain that both women are as beautiful as Cindy with curves in all the right places.  It was difficult to take my eyes off of them.  Cindy quickly joined us and I hadn't previously seen what she was wearing.  It was equally sexy, consisting of my favorite short tight skirt that clings to her beautiful bottom, leaving nothing to the imagination, and a thin pullover sweater that proudly displayed her long, hard nipples which appeared to be fully erect.   The three of them were absolutely gorgeous.  In my mind at that time,  I was going to enjoy an evening of lovely eye candy.  Big mistake on my part!

After getting everyone a glass of wine, we all stayed in the kitchen while Cindy finished up dinner preparations.  The conversation was light and focused on our daily lives.  No one mentioned the 'elephant in the room' (Female Led Relationships) until we sat down at the table for dinner.  At that time, Cindy broke the ice and jumped right into it.  As a way of introduction and to make sure we all knew the same background, she shared with all of us that since Liz and Amy each recently became engaged, they have been asking her questions about our FLR.  She also shared that she has been very candid with them about the relationship that the two of us enjoy, as well as our focus on spanking and kinky sex.  Finally, she shared that this evening would provide an opportunity for Liz and Amy to learn much more about our FLR, especially how I feel about it and see first hand how she provides leadership to our marriage.

As we began talking, it immediately became apparent to me that Liz was fairly dominant and definitely interested in pursuing a FLR with her fiance.  Amy seemed a little more laid back, but still asked some very directed and insightful questions of both Cindy and me.  Areas of discussion went well beyond basic FLR topics and included some very candid discussions concerning various aspects of our sex life (frequency, positions, who decides, oral sex, masturbation, just to name a few), as well as our use of spanking.  Cindy showed them our signed FLR agreement (Relationship Agreement).  She also explained how we openly communicate about our sexual fantasies and desires, and showed them our chart of sexual fantasies that we have discussed and rated (See this post).

The topic of masturbation came up as we were finishing dinner and preparing to move to the living room.  Cindy and I each shared how we enjoy watching each other masturbate to learn more about how the other gets pleasured.  Before we went further, we each decided to take another glass of wine with us, which was very dumb on my part.  I had already enjoyed two beers before they arrived, a glass of wine in the kitchen, and two glasses with dinner. All of that proved to be a huge mistake on my part.  And, I never got to enjoy that last glass of wine.

As we moved into the living room, I was talking with Liz and she caught me staring at her chest.  She loudly pronounced "Eyes up higher Larry.  Why are you so intrigued by my breasts, especially given the lovely ones that Cindy has?"  Cindy's ears heard the comment and immediately asked what is going on.  Liz shared with everyone that she had noticed that all evening my eyes have frequently been directed towards her breasts or towards Amy's behind.  To which Amy added, "and to my breasts and Liz's behind.  I feel like we are constantly being undressed by his eyes."  I quickly realized that I had been enjoying too much eye candy.  Damn those beers and the wine I drank.

Cindy asked me for an explanation.  Stupidly, I made a response that was something like "How can I resist, given the way they are dressed."   That was a big mistake.  All three of them responded at once and I couldn't begin to understand what they were saying.  However, I knew I was in big trouble.

Cindy quickly pulled me aside and asked me if I understood how stupid I was.  She then tried to share with me how much I had humiliated her and treated her friends like sexual objects to be ogled.  I will always remember the next words she spoke:  "I love you, but you are in deep shit right now.  And, you are going to pay a price."

Cindy then quickly took charge of the situation.  She got everyone to quiet down and asked me if there was anything that I would like to say.  I may have been slightly drunk and stupid, but I was smart enough to know that this was my opportunity to try to apologize.  I attempted to do so, but I was not very successful.  My credibility was blown by that time.  I strongly suspect that there wasn't anything I could have said that would have made any difference.

When I finished, Cindy looked at me and calmly advised me that I should forget everything we had talked about and agreed upon.  She then explained that my crude behavior made everything different.  She also made it clear that I deserved to be punished and that she planned to allow Liz and Amy to participate in my punishment. She made it clear to all of us that my behavior was an assault to each of them.

Cindy then directed me to remove my shirt, trousers, and shoes. and stand in the middle of the living room. Once I was there she approached me and quickly noticed that the front of my panties were a bit wet with precum.  She pointed it out to Liz and Amy by saying something like, "I see you must have been enjoying the view all evening, based on the condition of your panties."  She then slowly lowered my panties to my knees let Liz and Amy have a good close look at my caged penis, as she explained how and why she uses it.  She then demonstrated to them how it is removed.  By that time my dick felt like a dried prune as she removed the cage.

Cindy then pulled my panties back up and directed me to stay right where I was until the three of them returned.   They then departed and left me to wonder what they would plan for me.

They left me there for over half an hour.  Lots of thoughts went through my head, none of them good.  When they returned, it quickly became clear to me that Cindy had punishment in mind, as opposed to continuing the discussion about our FLR.

Thankfully, Cindy has reviewed what I have written so far and, after requiring me to make a few modifications,  has indicated that I can pause at this point.  However,she has made it clear that I must continue to share the rest of the story.  I am grateful to be able to stop right now.  However, I am also anxious because Liz and Amy are returning to our home tonight to continue discussing details of our FLR.


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Decision Time

I have made my decision.  I'm sure that no one will be surprised to learn that I have agreed to what Cindy proposed.  From your comments (which I really appreciate), I sense that some of you thought this decision was a "no brainer", and some of you understood my hesitations but still knew I would accept the offer.

I will try to explain why I had to think about it.  When I thought with the brain between my legs, it was a "no brainer".  I would get to achieve my dream of having anal sex with Cindy.  And, the cost didn't seem very high.  It involves a kinky night with Cindy and her two best friends.  And,they already know about our relationship and one has already seen me spanked.  So, on that level, it was a "no brainer".

However, when I thought with the brain in my head, the major concern I had was how far Cindy would go.  We both relate to Strict Julie Spanks.  I suspect that those of you who follow Strict Julie may understand my hesitation.   I love Strict Julie in my fantasies.  But, I also understand that she is wildly kinky.  Even though I find them very exciting in my fantasy world, some of the things she has done with David take things further than I am ready to deal with in reality at this time.  She has also taken some extremely hard spankings herself and administered some very tough spankings to David. I had to consider that.  She has also allowed other women to administer very hard discipline to David. Since Cindy relates very strongly to Julie's blog, it caused me to pause about this offer.

The only limitations that Cindy shared with me with concerning her girl friends prior to tonight was that there would be no sexual contact. She also previously told me that no activities between her and me are off the table. That made me think that she might plan to extract a price from me to be able to enjoy having sex in her beautiful, petite, and curvaceous bottom. I am aware that she has never had anal sex and she is very hesitant about how it will feel.  Yet, she knows how much I crave it, which made me wonder what that price might be. In a way, that makes it all the more exciting for me, and I suspect for her.

Before making my final decision Cindy and I talked more about what she expects of me.  The answer I received included the following:
  • Cindy's friends, Liz and Amy, will be invited to our home for dinner, discussion, and some play time.  The goal will be to share information about our relationship with Liz and Amy and to allow them to see how it actually works.
  • I will be expected to honestly and candidly answer any questions they have about our Female Led Relationship and my feelings about it.
  • I must willingly and cheerfully follow any directions that Cindy, Liz, and Amy give me (unless Cindy decides that something Liz or Amy requests is inappropriate.
  • Cindy will not require me to do anything that is on our list of discussed activities that I have not rated at least a 5 or higher (See this post) .  Note:  I have recently reviewed our list and there are a lot of things that I rated 5 or higher from a fantasy standpoint.  The way she explained it also caused me to realize that she may suggest items we have not discussed.
  • Cindy will not allow any sexual contact between Liz or Amy and me, including even touching my genitals.  However, that does not preclude them touching other parts of my body or spanking me.
The bottom line (no pun intended) is that I fully trust my wonderful wife.  After our conversation this evening, I am convinced that she will not expect more of me than what I can handle.  And, she seems to want to find a way to give me a gift.  So, those were the penultimate factors that allowed me to make my decision to proceed.

After I shared my decision with Cindy, she told me that she will set things up with Liz and Amy.  She also indicated that she plans to give me no more than two hours notice before Liz and Amy arrive at our home for dinner.  She did share that it should happen within the next week.


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Larry's Reflections - and a New Proposal from Cindy

Cindy knew that I was dragging my feet with respect to posting about the surprise she provided over a week ago.  I'm not sure why I was procrastinating.  It wasn't because I was uncomfortable sharing what happened.  I enjoyed the evening very much, with the exception of the final orgasm.  That was quite uncomfortable, but also exciting.  It was one of those things that you love to hate.  The Magic Wand vibrator is a powerful toy!  The prostate massager was also very effective.  I think I could have held off if it hadn't been for that constant stimulation.  So, I am appreciative that Cindy shared the details of the evening for me.  I wish I could have achieved a different outcome.  I would have loved to have met her challenge and survived the required fifteen minutes of teasing.
That would have provided me with the opportunity to achieve the fantasy that currently occupies my mind most days:  having anal sex with Cindy.  She has an amazingly cute, tight bottom that drives me crazy, and she knows it.  And, she knows how to use it to tease me.  This photo is not of her, but it looks just like her.  

Last night, Cindy proposed another option to me that would allow me to achieve my ultimate fantasy.  The new proposal involves her two closest girl friends (Liz and Amy) who are each currently engaged with weddings planned for this Fall.  They each know about our FLR relationship and are very curious about it.  And, I have been spanked in the presence of Liz shortly after Cindy and I married (I was rude to Cindy and Liz in our home, so I quickly found myself over Cindy's knee for a spanking in front of Liz).  

Cindy's proposal involves Liz and Amy coming to our home for dinner and an evening of sharing details of our FLR with them.  Cindy has indicated that I must comply with her every request that evening.  She is not willing to provide complete details of what that could mean.  But, she has shared that it will require me to dress as she requests, remove my clothing as she desires, be spanked in front of,  and possibly by Liz and Amy.  She has also shared that it might include masturbating in front of them.  She has also shared with me that I must do whatever she asks of me.  The only limitation she has included is that Liz and Amy will not be permitted to have any sexual contact with me, such as handling my cock and balls. When I asked Cindy if the evening might include being pegged by her in front of Liz and Amy, she told me that nothing between her and me would be off the table.

If I agree and fulfill my end of the bargain, Cindy has promised an evening for me to have my way with her in any way I want, including anal sex.

My only hesitation is that Cindy and I have been following Strict Julie Spanks.  It is a blog that we both find exciting.  However, I also realize that Julie and her husband are further along in their relationship than Cindy and me.  Julie is also a VERY kinky, creative lady.  Knowing that Cindy has read much of her blog,  it causes me to pause before I agree to this proposal.  I also realize that Cindy and I are also very kinky and I find the things that Julie and her husband do are quite exciting.

Cindy has given me until Thursday night to make a decision.  If I don't make a decision by then, the offer if off the table.


Monday, April 17, 2017

Cindy Shares: Larry's First Surprise

Hi everyone.  In a recent post I mentioned that I had a few surprises planned for Larry.  A little over a week ago I decided to provide the first one.  Since Larry has not yet posted anything about it, I have decided to do so.  I feel like I am entering new territory by telling the story first, but I am comfortable doing so because  Larry will be the one who actually posts it to the blog for me.  I just write the post, and give it to Larry to post.  Even though we live in an FLR, I like that, because it is Larry's blog.  He decides what is posted.  It is not something that I need to control.  So, if you see this, you will know that he is OK with it.

It was a Saturday night.  After dinner, I advised Larry that he should use a disposable enema, put on a pair of sheer panties, and meet me in our extra bedroom.  The words about using an enema were 'code' words that I am sure made him think I planned to peg him.  But, that was far from my plans.  When Larry arrived in the extra bedroom, he found a spanking chair and our mattress based bondage system installed on the bed.  He also saw a variety of toys on the dresser, but no sign of a strapon dildo.  When I arrived, he quickly looked to see if I was wearing a strap-on and I could tell that he was surprised to see that I was not.  I think he was surprised to realize that I didn't plan to peg him.

His surprise was just beginning.  I sat on the spanking chair and took him over my lap (after taking off his chastity cage).  I love spanking his bottom when he is wearing sheer panties.  I also love reaching between his legs and teasing him through the panties.  I gave him an extensive erotic spanking which resulted in him being very excited (which was what I really wanted).

When I ended the spanking, I shared with him my plans for the evening.  He never expected what I shared.  I explained to him that I was presenting him with a challenge.  He has been bugging me lately to allow him to have anal sex with me.  So, the challenge was something that he would have to do to earn what he wanted.  He would be bound to the bed on his back.  I would tease and stimulate him with my hand and mouth.  If he could survive fifteen minutes without cumming, he would earn the privilege of anal sex.  However, if he failed, he would lose that privilege and I would have my way with him for the rest of the night.  I also shared with him that at any point he could say "Pause" and I would stop what I was doing for five seconds.  However, he could only do that up to five times.  Also, at any point, he could say "Stop".  If he did that, the game was over and he would immediately go back into his cage and it would not be removed for at least one week.

Larry seemed to like the odds of being able to achieve this goal and quickly agreed.  From the look of his penis, it was also clear that he found the idea quite exciting (which I was counting on).  Then the first surprise happened.  Before securing him to the bed I directed him to go to the top dresser drawer and bring me what was in it.  He found a new toy ... a vibrating prostrate massager, and a tube of lube.  When he brought them to me, I took him back over my lap and carefully lubed and inserted the massager in his bottom.  I then secured him to the bed face up with his arms and legs spread and bound.  I then turned on the prostate toy, which caused Larry to claim that this was unfair since I hadn't told him about it.  However, the protest fell on my deaf ears.  And, it was clear that he was very aroused.

After doing a little striptease for Larry (down to his favorite lingerie:  bra, panties, garter belt, and stockings), I started a timer for 15 minutes on my cell phone and showed it to Larry.  I didn't let him see it again, so he never knew how much time had elapsed or what he had left.  I than began to tease his penis, first with my tongue and lips.  He called "Pause" after less than 2 minutes.  After 5 seconds I resumed, this time using my finger tips on the head of his penis.  I could tell that it was going to be easy to push him over the edge whenever I desired, so I paced my teasing.  Still, he used up the rest of his "Pauses" in less than 10 minutes.  Of course he didn't know that he still had 5 minutes to go.

As we approached 12 minutes, I could tell that he was ready to lose it at any time.  I guess he did, too, because all of a sudden he said "Stop".  I was surprised by that, but I immediately stopped.  However, he had waited too long.  He was twitching and within 5 seconds after I stopped, cum started dribbling out of his penis.  So, the game did not end.  Because he had an orgasm, I was going to have my way with him the rest of the evening.  And that was something that I planned to enjoy.  I also planned to do it in a way that I thought Larry would enjoy as well.

Using my fingers, I scooped up his cum and had him lick it off as I told him the types of things I planned to do to him.  I knew that doing both of those things would be very exciting to Larry. As I suspected, it didn't take long for him get another erection.  After removing my panties so he could enjoy the view, I straddled his head and used my mouth to slowly bring him to another orgasm.  I was sure he would need more time to recover this time, so I left the room for about a half hour before returning to check on him.  When I came back, I began to use my hands to tease him and turned the prostate massager back on.  He quickly came back to life again.  This time, I decided to ride him cowgirl style, knowing that he would probably last a long time.  That gave me the opportunity to have my own first orgasm before Larry achieved his third.  After another 30 minute pause, I managed to bring him back to life and used my hands to cause his fourth climax, although it took a while.  After another lengthy pause, Larry was showing a little life, but not much.  So, I brought out our Magic Wand vibrator.  When I turned it on, I heard Larry groan.  Again, it took a while, but it finally caused Larry's fifth orgasm of the night.  However, nothing came out of his penis.  It was like he had the dry heaves.

At this point, I told Larry that I thought I should have at least a second orgasm.  After releasing him from the bed bondage, I laid down on the bed and let him orally pleasure me.  I was pleased to see how much enthusiasm he had for it and I rewarded him fairly quickly with a significant orgasm.  We then showered together to relax and settled into bed.  It was not a surprise that we each slept very soundly that night.


Sunday, April 2, 2017

Cindy's Reflections - Panties, Chastity, Pegging ... and Things to Come

Larry has shared a lot in his past few posts.  I thought I should try to share a few of my thoughts on each topic ... so here goes.

Larry's Panty and Lingerie Fetish

I love that Larry enjoys wearing panties. I view it as an open sign of his submissiveness.  I also find it very sexy to see his package through the sheer nylon.  And, I enjoy seeing how excited he becomes when I dress up in vintage lingerie for him.  He can hardly control himself sometimes.  On one occasion, he actually lost control and shot all over my thighs when I had him over my lap for a spanking while I was wearing a panty girdle with garters and stockings.  Until I met Larry, I don't think I really understood how powerful the visual stimulation is for men.  It makes it so easy to sexually tease him.


I never expected to need to use the chastity device my mother gave me at my wedding shower.  However, I changed my mind after realizing that Larry was masturbating to porn rather than having sex with me.  It has proven to be very effective and I think that Larry appreciates me taking control in this way.   However, I want to be very clear that I don't believe in using the chastity cage to punish Larry or deprive him of sex.  I want us each to enjoy sex with each other and want each of to want to provide the other with pleasure as often as possible.   He and I are very sexual individuals and I don't want to thwart our desire for each other.  I also understand that sometimes Larry may need to masturbate (just like I do).  But, we had each agreed that we wouldn't do that alone.  This just assures that Larry tells me if he needs to do that for whatever reason.  He still gets to do it, but I get to watch and be part of it.  I do the same for him.  It may sound odd, but I think we each enjoy watching the other masturbate.  I love that it gives me an opportunity to observe and learn more about what type of stimulation is exciting to Larry.

So, I think it is safe to say that wearing the chastity device has not reduced the amount of sexual activity Larry enjoys or the frequency we have sex together.  It just makes sure we work together and takes some of the temptation away from Larry.

I also find that the cage also gives me more ways to effectively sexually tease him.  We have been exploring tease and denial activities, which I learned is another one of Larry's fantasy fetishes.  We don't really practice tease and denial, because I don't ever want Larry to feel that I want to deny his sexual needs.  What I do like to do is tease and delay his sexual pleasure.  I find that when I do that, the sexual experience is even more powerful for him.  I think that he is also discovering that the same type of approach with me can be very powerful.


Pegging has become a very interesting part of our sex life lately.  I'm very proud of Larry being willing to share this aspect of our sex life.  I really appreciated reading all of the comments to Larry's last post.  There are so many dynamics to this activity.  The comments received are helping me to better understand some of them.  There are the male submission issues and the sexual pleasure issues for the male (I am just beginning to try to understand the role of the prostate in the male sexual world).  And, of course there are the female domination issues.  I also find that using a Feeldoe dildo that contains a bulb to be inserted into my vagina and a place to insert a small vibrator bullet is a wonderful way for both of us to receive sexual pleasure.  I'm still working on developing my pelvic muscles to hold it in place, but it is so much fun for both of us.

Once again, I've managed to ramble more than I probably should.  But, I'm happy to help in this sharing process with Larry.  I like being able to supplement what he wants to share.  I'm also hoping to help him feel comfortable in sharing more.  I'm glad that he has started talking more about what we are currently doing.

As a little tease, and a challenge to Larry, we have recently been talking about increasing the variety and intensity of some of our play.  We are both pretty kinky and open.  We are also both developing a good comfort level of trust with each other as a relatively newly married couple.  I have some fun ideas that I want to try out with my wonderful husband.  I suspect that whether or not Larry shares what happens in the next few weeks will tell me how comfortable he is with it.

I should also say that Larry has no clue about the specifics I am now thinking about.  So, when I sent this document  to him to post, it was my first 'tease' to him :-). (Sorry, sweetie. I love you!)