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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Decision Time

I have made my decision.  I'm sure that no one will be surprised to learn that I have agreed to what Cindy proposed.  From your comments (which I really appreciate), I sense that some of you thought this decision was a "no brainer", and some of you understood my hesitations but still knew I would accept the offer.

I will try to explain why I had to think about it.  When I thought with the brain between my legs, it was a "no brainer".  I would get to achieve my dream of having anal sex with Cindy.  And, the cost didn't seem very high.  It involves a kinky night with Cindy and her two best friends.  And,they already know about our relationship and one has already seen me spanked.  So, on that level, it was a "no brainer".

However, when I thought with the brain in my head, the major concern I had was how far Cindy would go.  We both relate to Strict Julie Spanks.  I suspect that those of you who follow Strict Julie may understand my hesitation.   I love Strict Julie in my fantasies.  But, I also understand that she is wildly kinky.  Even though I find them very exciting in my fantasy world, some of the things she has done with David take things further than I am ready to deal with in reality at this time.  She has also taken some extremely hard spankings herself and administered some very tough spankings to David. I had to consider that.  She has also allowed other women to administer very hard discipline to David. Since Cindy relates very strongly to Julie's blog, it caused me to pause about this offer.

The only limitations that Cindy shared with me with concerning her girl friends prior to tonight was that there would be no sexual contact. She also previously told me that no activities between her and me are off the table. That made me think that she might plan to extract a price from me to be able to enjoy having sex in her beautiful, petite, and curvaceous bottom. I am aware that she has never had anal sex and she is very hesitant about how it will feel.  Yet, she knows how much I crave it, which made me wonder what that price might be. In a way, that makes it all the more exciting for me, and I suspect for her.

Before making my final decision Cindy and I talked more about what she expects of me.  The answer I received included the following:
  • Cindy's friends, Liz and Amy, will be invited to our home for dinner, discussion, and some play time.  The goal will be to share information about our relationship with Liz and Amy and to allow them to see how it actually works.
  • I will be expected to honestly and candidly answer any questions they have about our Female Led Relationship and my feelings about it.
  • I must willingly and cheerfully follow any directions that Cindy, Liz, and Amy give me (unless Cindy decides that something Liz or Amy requests is inappropriate.
  • Cindy will not require me to do anything that is on our list of discussed activities that I have not rated at least a 5 or higher (See this post) .  Note:  I have recently reviewed our list and there are a lot of things that I rated 5 or higher from a fantasy standpoint.  The way she explained it also caused me to realize that she may suggest items we have not discussed.
  • Cindy will not allow any sexual contact between Liz or Amy and me, including even touching my genitals.  However, that does not preclude them touching other parts of my body or spanking me.
The bottom line (no pun intended) is that I fully trust my wonderful wife.  After our conversation this evening, I am convinced that she will not expect more of me than what I can handle.  And, she seems to want to find a way to give me a gift.  So, those were the penultimate factors that allowed me to make my decision to proceed.

After I shared my decision with Cindy, she told me that she will set things up with Liz and Amy.  She also indicated that she plans to give me no more than two hours notice before Liz and Amy arrive at our home for dinner.  She did share that it should happen within the next week.



  1. Larry not sure what might be wrong with your site as I tried to post twice and it would not accept them. Good luck with your and Cindy's new adventure.

    1. OK for some reason now it accepted it. I understand your concern with what might take place. Cindy has given you some ideas of what will not happen. I'm sure Liz told Amy about your spanking and how she felt and now Amy wants to see. You are helping them learn and maybe help them get into your life style. you will probably be embarrassed but you as a submissive are also learning to trust Cindy as you should. I will love readying what happens as it's something I would love to experience but never will. Maybe I would love it maybe I would hate it but I'll never know.

    2. Hello archedone. I'm glad that you were able to submit your comment. Thank you for doing so. I always appreciate your thoughts.


  2. I am very excited for you and would love to be in your place. I hope your evening goes wonderfully well. I imagine there are two future husbands that will likely be in panties as a result of your discussions. I look forward your telling of your adventure.

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  4. Hello you two,

    What a program ! Do not start too fast! You have weeks to tell everything that will happen and especially to let us imagine what will happen. How far Cindy would go during this kinky night with you and her two best friends.
    The ghost of wildly kinky Julie watch over you... You say you are not ready at this time to deal with some of the things she has done with David in reality : which ones ? Do you mean a too tough spanking or too creative discipline from Cindy's friends?

    What could happen this evening? What are Cindy's plans? Why do'nt you ask your readers ? They can imagine everything within the limits of your characters and your tastes ... And it might give Cindy some ideas...

    I would tip for a good spanking, to settle things, panties down, and corner time applied by Cindy as soon as Liz and Amy arrive. Then an unsatisfying conversation would lead to a second spanking given by Liz and a second corner time. Of course, a third by Amy, third "nose in the corner".
    Larry would probably be in better mood to answer precisely the questions of Liz and Amy (He was expected to honestly and candidly answer any questions they had)

    Or, and because Cindy's asshole is at the heart of that night, Larry could get fucked by the three girls successively. They would ask him about what makes him so much eager to get into Cindy's ass.

    Finally, not to forget Cindy's mother, she should of course be informed of the evening by her daughter and have a discussion with her about what she thinks about it, in the presence of a silent and embarrassed Larry and perhaps also that of Cindy's father .....

    All this putting forward the little anus of Cindy which one does not know when it will be penetrated by Larry and what she will feel ....
    Are you certain, Larry, you would get,this time, to achieve your dream of having anal sex with Cindy ? Everyone knows now that Cindy has never had anal sex : it might cost you a high price.

    1. Thank you j.stern for the thoughtful ideas and advice. I will make sure that Cindy see your comment as well. We must remember that she is driving this bus :-). I have to confess that I'm not anxious to add Cindy's mother to the mix of Cindy, Liz, and Amy. I think three women with ideas is more than enough. I'm also not sure I want to have too many readers like you offering Cindy more ideas than she already probably has (just kidding ... keep sending your ideas).

      Thank you again for your support and ideas.


  5. Hi Larry,
    I was wondering since your both a fan of Strict Julie Spanks and you enjoy the spanking and humiliation she puts david through, I see you put consuming your semen for Cindy below 5, while Cindy your loving Domme Wife has it at a 9 on her list, a higher number then even watching you masturbate 8. She obviously likes the humiliation factor or knows you don't like it so it's kinda a "I have to make him" thing.
    I know from Strict Julie's blog her husband david has been made to consume his semen in front of his sister-in-law Susan as well just recently a young women escort Katie and according to Julie she makes him eats his semen anytime he cums, she seem to enjoy this activity. I know it's a hard thing to do for most men after the excitement is gone from cumming.
    From a Female Lead Relationship website a couple quotes about semen eating .."This requirement for all submissive men it does two things. It puts a real price on his orgasms, and it shows your acceptance of your dominance, and his acceptance of your dominance, no matter who brought the topic up. He should be reminded that eating his ejaculate is expected, and if he can’t, then all his other submissive desires are not going to happen. It is the only test and proof that he is sincere in his desire to be submissive, and your only requirement showing you are to assume the leadership role in the relationship.".... as a submissive male myself it seems to have some logic ... maybe it comes from well in some relationships at the beginning women start as the giver of blow jobs and swallowing semen, which many women including Julie from her blog has stated she "does not care for the taste of semen"... so I guess a woman having a man eat his semen she get to enjoy him eating something he "does not care for" but, does it for love as she did/does... gradually the submale will have swallowed more semen then she has ever... it would certainly curb "does she swallow" jokes from her subhusband...
    So I just wondered if you were required to masturbate for the ladies why you would not make your loving Domme Cindy happy by eating your semen in front of her and her girlfriends. Even though Cindy might have to tell you to eat it, I'm sure the other ladies would enjoy hearing Cindy telling them your going to swallow your load of semen for them... lots humilating comments and then them getting to watch a submissive man have to eat semen... something they may not care for the taste of either ...sounds a good viewing for the ladies.
    I am looking forward to reading about your evening with Cindy and her girlfriends.

  6. Hi Larry
    Have been reading but not yet commented on your blog.It really is a fascinating glimpse into a progressive couple evolving into an FLR. Regarding your upcoming session I have experienced parts of it but not at the same time. Both the girlfriend who introduced me to DD and my wife have made me sit down with her and one other couple and talk about my spankings and other discipline and how they worked in the relationship. We did this for the other couples but I think it helped us too better understand how discipline worked in our relationship ( there were no physical demonstrations during these talks and I wasn't spanked in front of either of these couples)But separately with my wife I have been punished several times in front of her sister and my wife has talked to her in detail about my behavior and our DD.Her sister is interested in having a DD relationship but her husband is not so the spankings I get in front of her are mainly to heighten my embarrassment rather than mentor her. I also have not been pegged in front of her or any one else but if my wife decided to do it I would obey her. Pegging for her is more disciplinary than erotic and so far she feels it should be done in private