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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Return Visit with Liz and Amy

We got together with Liz and Amy again on Sunday afternoon.  We changed our scheduled follow-up visit with them for Sunday evening, due to a conflict that had come up for Liz.   Cindy didn't give me any suggestions or directions about how to prepare or dress for this meeting, which surprised me a little.

When Liz and Amy arrived, Liz was again dressed very provocatively,   This time she was wearing a short tight skirt that barely covered the essentials with a sheer blouse.   I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that I purposely made sure that my line of sight was always above her shoulders!  Amy, on the other hand, was dressed more appropriately, but still in a way that could turn heads (she can cause heads to turn regardless of how she is dressed).  She was wearing informal, but form-fitting, jeans and a nice T-shirt that was snug enough to reveal her ample breasts.  But, nothing was over the top.  It was easier to just be natural with her.

When they arrived Liz seemed her confident self.  The first question out of her mouth was "How's your bottom feeling, Larry", as she reached out and gave my butt a squeeze.  Cindy saw what was happening and quickly advised her that she'd appreciate it if she would keep her hands off me.  I decided not to answer her question.

I got wine for Liz, Amy, and Cindy, but  I decided to settle for a diet coke.  We then got comfortable in the living room to resume our discussion of FLRs.  Liz took control and started out by asking lots of questions, many of which seemed to center on specific aspects of our sex life. She asked Cindy if she could see our list of fantasies and activities and how we rated them.  I could tell that Cindy was a bit hesitant, but she decided to allow Liz to see it.  That just gave Liz more specifics to ask about.  I didn't really mind, but it did seem a bit inappropriate on Liz's part.  I could tell that Cindy was becoming a bit uncomfortable.  So, I just sat back and let Cindy do most of the answering.  After all, Liz is her friend and I don't know her very well.  Cindy got very uncomfortable when Liz began to ask about anal sex.  She provided some limited information about pegging me, but didn't address our arrangement with respect to having anal sex with her.

I was pleased to see Cindy eventually turn the conversation in a different direction.  She asked Liz and Amy if they had talked with their fiance's about FLR, including things like the woman making all major decisions, chastity devices, and spanking as a form of discipline.  I was quite surprised to hear Liz respond that she has not.  This new direction of conversation allowed Amy to get more involved, as she shared that she and Mark have had a number of conversations.  Cindy and I both asked about Mark's reaction and learned that he really seems to be interested in FLR, various aspects of kink, and spanking.  He seems especially interested in kink and spanking aspects of FLR.  After we explored their conversations a bit more, Amy began to ask me more specific questions about how I feel about some things, especially chastity, keeping myself shaved, wearing panties, and being spanked.  It felt like a good conversation, and I got the sense that she was asking me these types of questions in an attempt to better understand Mark.

When the time came for Liz to have to depart, Amy made no attempt to leave at the same time.  Once Liz was gone, she became less inhibited and more candid with her questions.  She openly she shared her hesitation and lack of knowledge concerning how to effectively spank Mark.  She also shared with us that she just doesn't understand some of the things that Mark suggests to her, such as tease & denial, ruined orgasms, post orgasm torture, pegging, etc.

Cindy immediately picked up on Amy's questions and asked if she would like the two of us to provide her with better spanking skills and an understanding of various ways to control her man.  Amy was quick to take her up on the offer.  I was then directed to bring our collection of spanking equipment to the living room.  When I returned, Cindy there were two dining room chairs facing each other in the center of the room and they were occupied by Cindy and Amy.  I was directed to place the basket of our spanking tools on the floor to Cindy's left and then to stand along her right side.

After dropping my own trousers, Cindy proceeded to lower my
panties and remove my cage.  She explained to Amy that the first type of spanking she was going to teach her how to administer was an 'erotic' spanking.  I was then lowered across both of their laps and required to spread my legs.  Cindy explained that during this type of spanking, she should have a view of, and access to, Mark's genitals because the purpose of an erotic spanking is to keep him aroused.  Cindy they proceeded to demonstrate alternately teasing my cock and balls and giving me a hard hand spanking.  She made sure Amy observed that I maintained a hard on the entire time.  She then let Amy do the same to me, including teasing my package.

Cindy next demonstrated various spanking implements for Amy and allowed her to try them out on me and see the affect they created.  For each one, she would describe to Amy whether it was stingy, thuddy, etc.  She also explained to Amy that different men react to the various affects differently.  She shared with Amy that I prefer stingy implements and detest the heavy wooden items that provide thud and deep penetrating pain.  She explained to Amy that she will need to learn how Mark reacts to the various implements and decide when and how to use them.

Cindy then demonstrated and allowed Amy to administer what she considers to be a 'maintenance' spanking, each using a wooden hairbrush.  Before they started, Cindy explained to Amy that she does this to me once a week, usually on Saturday night, but that I hadn't received one last night.  She then demonstrated how hard to spank and told Amy that I should not be aroused during this type of spanking.  After the demo, she asked Amy to administer the remaining portion of the maintenance spanking and to keep going until Cindy told her to stop.  Amy seemed to be a quick study, because she was delivering good hard swats with the brush right from the beginning.  It was also at this stage that I realized that Amy was left handed (while Cindy is right handed).

After a short break, Cindy explained to Amy that the worst type of spanking she administers is a 'punishment' spanking, and that it is only given for good reason.  She explained that the type of spanking that Liz gave me the previous week would be considered a punishment spanking.  She also asked Amy if she remembers how Liz used her leg to clamp Larry's legs in place?  She explained to Amy that a properly administered punishment spanking requires that type of control due to the severity of the spanking.  She also explained to Amy that she has given me very few punishment spankings because she has found that the regular maintenance spankings keep me well behaved.  I was very thankful when Cindy also told Amy that she would not demonstrate a punishment spanking to her at that time, since Amy has already witnessed one and I don't deserve one at the moment.  My relief was short-lived though, because Cindy quickly added that perhaps she will invite Amy to participate in a punishment spanking the next time I deserve one.

We then took a break and ordered out for some pizza.  By the time the pizza came and we enjoyed dinner, Cindy decided that we had shared enough with Amy for one day.  She also shared with her that she understands that  Amy has lots of questions about things like tease&denial, ruined orgasms, and pegging.  She then suggested that we plan to get together soon and talk about the things that Mark is suggesting to her.  Cindy also suggested to Amy that she Google each of those topics before we get together.

After Amy departed, Cindy and I shared our reactions to the afternoon and evening.  We each were surprised at Liz's bluntness and desire to ask us about some very personal aspects of our sex life, and the fact that she has not talked with her fiance about any aspects of FLR.  We each also appreciated Amy's approach and her sensitivity to my thoughts.   We were each pleased at her willingness to open up to us and her desire to try to figure out what Mark is looking for.   Liz and Amy are certainly two very different people.

I also asked Cindy what she has in mind with respect to helping Amy understand the kinky aspects of FLR that Mark is suggesting to her.  Cindy smiled and said, "You'll see."



  1. Very good account Larry. It would seem; most of the meeting went fine. Liz was out of line from the start and Cindy did the right thing in protecting you from Liz. With Liz not having talked to her mate one would wonder what she is really after. Maybe this is something her mate would not go for and she wants to live FLR thru you and Cindy. As Cindy is her friend there should be an honest conversation between the two of them. Cindy is in charge in your house and no one should take the lead without permission from Cindy. Amy on the other hand has talked to her mate and he is interested and asked her some questions she could not answer and she wants to learn. I feel Amy holds back on learning when Liz is present as Liz likes to take the lead. I think you and Cindy are in for some interesting times with Amy. I feel one thing you should impress upon Amy is that FLR is a Female Led Relationship and her mate should not top from the bottom. Learning and asking is one thing as long as he does not top from the bottom.
    Great post.

    1. Hi archedone. Cindy and I both felt that Liz was out of line numerous times that afternoon. Not only when she grabbed my ass, but also with many of the questions she asked. At one point she even suggested to Cindy that I should be punished some more for the previous meeting. Cindy told her in very specific terms that she (Cindy) is the one who decides if I need to be punished.

      Cindy does plan to talk directly with Liz about a number of things, including proper behavior in our home and why she hasn't discussed FLR with her fiance if she is interested in pursuing one in their marriage.

      I agree completely with your assessment of Amy wanting to learn and holding back when Liz is present. Cindy has already invited Amy back for another evening (without Liz). We saw a huge difference in Amy's self confidence and initiative when Liz was not there. My butt certainly felt a difference in the way she spanked during the maintenance spanking.

      As usual, thank you for your insights.


  2. the Liz dynamic is interesting. i'd like to know more about the initial encounter when Cindy spanked you in front of Liz. Did Liz have any background at that time? how much of your relationship had been discussed with her at that point?

    Had Cindy discussed the spanking Liz gave you with Liz? she has a bit of a sadistic streak, and is obviously kinky, but i wonder if she's capable of a loving FLR.

    and I'm not sure Mark is a true sub- he's interested in the kink, but maybe not the reality, and Amy is not sure whether she wants the lifestyle, or just to learn to play the way Mark wants- nothing wrong with that- it's Julie & David's relationship.


    1. Hi Miles. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and questions. At some point I'll post something about our initial encounter with Liz when she witnessed me being spanked. It was not a big event, but it has some interest since it was my first witnessed spanking.

      Cindy plans to talk with Liz privately about a number of things and sure it will include the spanking she gave me.

      That is an interesting observation about Mark. I guess time will tell. Cindy plans to help Amy however she can to effectively develop a healthy FLR with Mark ... whatever that may end up being.


  3. Thank you for sharing your experience Larry. How did you decide to dress? It sounds like just panties this time. Any comment about them from Amy? It appears they are becoming pretty normal attire by now, haha. And wow, spanked by both women! Also, very interesting to learn about the differences in Cindy's friends.

    It sounds like Cindy has an interest in showing you off with Amy a bit more. Looking forward to seeing how that might turn out.

    1. Hi Penney. Since Cindy didn't make any specific requests, I really just dressed as I normally do. Panties are my normal underwear at this point, with the exception of when they could be exposed, such as medical appointments or the gym.

      Cindy has shared with me that she plans to be very cautious with Liz at this point. I'm not sure if there will be any repeat episodes with her, which is fine with me. On the other hand, I'm OK with Amy. It is actually a turn on for me to have her witness and participate. Cindy is aware of that aspect, so I'm sure the circumstances will be well controlled.